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Saheb Biwi and Gangster 3

Saheb Biwi and Gangster 3

Saheb Biwi and Gangster 3

The Bollywood film ‘Saheb Biwi and Gangster 3’ is the second film after Sanjay Dutt returns from jail. Since Sanjay has returned from jail, he is expected to be strong, but he is constantly disappointed. ‘Saheb Biwi and Gangster 3’ is his latest film, and before that he was seen in ‘Land’.

Saheb Biwi and Gangster 3Directed by: Tigmanshu Dhulia
Produced by: Rahul Mittra
Written by: Sanjay Chauhan
Music by: Rana Mazumder
Edited by: Pravin Angre
Release date: 27 July 2018
Language: Hindi
Budget: ₹10 crore
Box office: ₹6.68 crore
Stars: Sanjay Dutt, Jimmy Sheirgill, Mahie Gill

Saheb Biwi and Gangster 3Sanjay Dutt’s ‘Land’ did not have a good box office box and ‘Saheb Biwi Aur Gangster 3’ is also the next film of the same episode. Old-fashioned story, poor treatment, and poor direction. It does not seem that this movie is titanmanshu duliya, which made a film like ‘Paan Singh Tomar’.


Saheb Biwi and Gangster 3The story of the film goes beyond the previous part. Saheb ‘Aditya Pratap Singh (Jimmy Shergill) is in jail and’ BVI ‘Madhavi Devi (Mahi Gill) in Rajmahal. Uday Pratap Singh (Sanjay Dutt), one of the

Saheb Biwi and Gangster 3 princes of another state, runs his once in London. In India, Uday’s brother (Deepak Tijori), father (Kabir Bedi) and mother (Nafisa Ali) lives.

Saheb Biwi and Gangster 3

Uday’s girlfriends Suhani (Chitrangada Singh) also lives in India. Aditya Pratap Singh gets bail Madhavi runs the politics. Rise When India comes, its closeness to Madhavi increases. Meanwhile, Aditya Pratap gets bail. After that there is a face-to-face between Aditya and Uday.

Saheb Biwi and Gangster 3

Review of Saheb Biwi and Gangster 3

The story of ‘Saheb Biwi and Gangster 3’ is from Saheb Jimmy Shergill, wife Mahi Gill and gangster Sanjay Dutt. Saheb needs strength, the wife is already drunk in power and the gangster wants to do everything according to her. But this sequel of love, sex, strength and deception is confused.

The story and the screenplay are weak on the front. ‘Saheb Biwi and Gangster 3’ took five years to be made, and it has been scrambled in an attempt to make it grand than the first two films. The story of the film is completely unsuccessful in getting the damn. The biggest thing is that the story of the film does not seem to be anywhere from today’s era. These films of Sanju seem stale and bore too. On the acting front, Jimmy Shergill and Mahi Gill accumulate, Sanjay Dutt has not been used properly. Music is also not a cache. Chitrangada Singh definitely tries to warm the atmosphere with his actions, but the director has not given much focus on them. Looking at the film, it seems that there is no need to make a sequel if there is no story, it is not wise to continue making sequels on the Hollywood lines.

Why you should see the film

Artists like Mahi Gill, Chitrangada Singh, Jimmy Shergill have worked seamlessly. If you are either Sanjay Dutt’s craze or not, then you can see this movie on your own risk. The background score of the film is good. Somewhere, there are some such dialogues which hurt you too.