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Pataakha review: Vishal Bhardwaj pulls off a rousing parable

Pataakha Movie Review: Fusa came out ‘Patacha’, two sisters seen in a desi style, Narad became Sunil Grover

Story: The film is written by Charan Singh Pathak. The story of the Pataakha  is two sisters. Elder sister Champa Kumari (Radhika Madan) little sister Nagenda Kumari (Sanya Malhotra) lives in a small town in Rajasthan. Their father call him with Badki and chhoti. There is a deep relationship between Badki and Chhukki. They grow up and beat each other. Their battle starts with abusing one another, which later goes to such an assault which will see the wrestlers also ashamed.

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There is an animosity between the both sister that they do not show their love towards each other. The personalities of both are very different. Where the Chhutkki wants to become a teacher by completing his studies, the same dream is to start own dairy. These dreams remove both sisters. The fight of sisters increases. Both are successful in finding lover for themselves. English-speaking Army Main for chhutki and Engineer for Barki.

Direction: Bharadwaj has shown the relations between India and Pakistan in the form of relations between Chhutkki and Badki. How both countries like to hate each other like two sisters. In the fire of anger, they have forgotten the kindness and the love that they kept together. The director has described a serious political story with this straightforward story, which is the beauty of this film.

Acting: Radhika Madan and Sanya Malhotra work best. Seeing both the actresses it is difficult to say that they are not from the place where they have been shown the film. They both speak the local language and are perfectly fit in the atmosphere shown. Language is an issue here. For those who are not related to that area, it is difficult to understand the important spoken spoken language. That can be a problem.

The name of Sunil Grover’s character is Deeper, who is a neighbor of sisters and likes to watch the fight for both of them. Vijay Rai has played the role of helpless father who tries to understand what is going on in the minds of daughters. Their work is also very good.

Music: Bharadwaj’s music and Gulzar’s Lyrics have made the songs of the movie memorable. Which suit the film perfectly.