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NEWTON.. Super hit movies running Successfully

Oscar Nominated Newton Running successfully.. Here its Collection
Week 1: ₹ 11.83 cr
Week 2: ₹ 7.09 cr Total: ₹ 18.92 cr India biz.
Week 2: Friday 91 lakhs, Saturday 1.66 cr, Sunday 1.75 cr, Monday 1.44 cr, Tuesday 45 lakhs, Wednesday 44 lakhs, Thursday 44 lakhs. Total: ₹ 18.92 cr. India biz

It Got 430+ Screens in India | Run Time: 106 Minutes | Language: Hindi | Budget: INR 14.00 Crores

Now it is time again to move after new release film. Tomorrow on 22nd September, The great and cool star Rajkumar Rao is presenting again on Hindi Cinemas, by the new concept of Hindi Movie, NEWTON. It is saying that, “You don’t have to shout to be heard “and exactly movie NEWTON says that to us.

newton 2017

NEWTON had its world premiere in the Forum section of the 67th Berlin International Film Festival and its set to have its North American premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival where its screens in the International narrative competition section. Film is produced by Drashyam Films and directed & written by Amit Masurkar. Pankaj Tripathi, Anjali Patil, Raghubir Yadav, Hardik Meriya and special appearance Sanjay Yadav have also performed so nice, along with Rajkumar, in this movie of 106 Minutes. Music of this movie is given by Naren Chandavarkar and Benedict Taylor. It also won the CICAE award for the best film. The Huffington post has written that, “Newton is touching, personal and very human film about the strength of one very resolute rookie election clerk to uphold the democratic process in the rebel-threatened area.”

CICAE Art Cinema Award

In this movie, NEWTON (RAJKUMARAO) changed his name from Nutan kumar. He seems a real common government employee who worked hard and seriously towards his duty. He is a person who believes only the things are written in books, he has studied in regards of punctuality and discipline. He is absolute uncorrupted employee and also well disciplined by his own theory. He refused to married with a girl, who has not completed 18 years of her age. For election duty, he was assigned in tribunal area and he was sure that he will do his duty with purely humanity and with perfection. Atma Singh (Pankaj Tripathi) is a assigned police officer to protect the election team. Atma is a well meaning, but one who knows which side of the bread is buttered and who must control the gun’s trigger. Their interactions are the crux of the film. Both, Rao and Tripathi are such supremely consummate actors that from the smallest of gestures and actions, they portray a burst of emotions.

newton 2017

NEWTON explores how the rights of Adivasis are usurped by a state that is ill-equipped to even talk to them and how one-sided communication is further alienates them. All time it makes us questions the democratic ideals on which our country was founded- pressuring locals to cast their vote is no different from trying to bait a fish. There are number of humorous, ironic, satirical scenes cleverly included in this movie. Rao has put his best and even Tripathi has also done the fantastic as his role. Movie is about the real condition of our country and its ruling method and also seems extreme pressure from political influence in it. It shows that, if person wants to do by heart, it can be done always.

In short, NEWTON is an entertaining and evocative watch, don’t miss it.