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laila majnu

Laila Majnu Review

Laila Majnu Movie review: Laila Majnu, story of Kashmir lovers

Laila Majnu‘ is the love story of two lovers, whose families are fighting each other. The film’s director is Sajid Ali. Sajid Ali is the brother of Imtiaz Ali’s who has written the story of the film. Two things make this Love Story very interesting is that Cast Specifically, the performance of Avinash Tiwari (in the role of Kas Butt alias Majnoon) is so awesome which has  no answer. It is difficult to believe that this is Avinash’s first film.

Laila majnu

Film Director Imtiaz Ali’s produces films such as ‘Jab We Met’, ‘Love Aaj Kal’, ‘Rockstar’ and ‘Tamasha‘,  instead of this he produce Laila Majnu which starts with beautiful arguments in Kashmir. Ali’s Laila (Trinity Dimri) is an interesting character. She knows about her beauty and also do flurt with boys. When Cas (Avinash Tiwari) meets Laila, both of them attract each other.

laila majnu

Laila get information about Qais that he drunk instead of these Laila’s interest increases when she learns such things about . The conversation started with Flurt turns into a deep love Qais gets attract with Laila and this is the beginning of her wastage of their life. Laila’s father (Parmeet Sethi) is a powerful man. Qais father (Benjamin Gillani) and laila father both are fighting  against property, so both  families do not accept Laila-Majnu’s love. that’s why, Qais goes away from the country. Four years later he comes back, but now he has reached the insanity limit.

laila majnu

Imtiaz Ali‘s brother Sajid Ali, who has become an expert on romantic films, has directed the film. Sajid has done complete justice with this film. The characters of the brave laila and the crazy majnu are elegantly fabricated. Shashank Bhattacharya has shown the beauty of Kashmir by doing excellent cinematography, which has worked to make this love story realistic.

laila majnu

Sajid has shown the depth of love without any intimate scene. In today’s time when love stories are shown very fast, the story of Laila Majnu gradually falls in depth Which shows the madness of two lovers.

Music composers Niladari Kumar and Joey Barua have done. It can be the best music piece of this year. Overall, if you are bored with Bollywood’s romantic romantic movies and want to watch love’s emotional and deep love story, then you can definitely watch this movie.

If you talk about acting, then the film’s hero Qais (Avinash) is the strength of the film. Satisfaction is beautiful and they have played their character well, but the film’s life is only Avinash Tiwari. Imtiaz Ali has focused on Qais character and has shown his madness. Tiwari has played this character in the best possible manner. He can say that he is a superb actor.