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Kangana Ranaut refuse to talk about Hrithik Roshan on MAMI red carpet

After much more requests by media, on red carpet of Mami festival, Kangana refuse to talk anything about the dispute with Hrithik. Kangana walked the red carpet at the Mami Film Festival opening night, looking ravishing. It was her Ulyana Sergeenko midi dress featuring a wine-hued velvet bust that did all the talking for her. Even after repeated requests from the media to talk, all the lady did was – pose, preen and move on.

After Hrithik Roshan  broke his silence on the dispute on National Television, new facts have come to fore. Media and fans alike have questions for Kangana. Last evening as she made her first public appearance post Hrithik’s explosive interviews the media at Mami, wanted to speak her. Not only that, Kangana gave a nasty bashing to her manager, backstage, because manager had requested and advised her to speak to the media. At this time, the ladies were not alone, they had quite an audience when Kangana gave a piece of her mind to her manager, but she didn’t care.

The lady has been in the front news for the past few month, in regards of her dispute, albeit for the wrong reasons. Recently, she has made more enemies than friends in the film industry and now it seems like her words, may be coming back to bite her. Her name was also struck off from the invitation list of an annual hot ticket Bollywood party that is hosted by Dino Morea and Nandita Mahtani.

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Recently, at the Mami festival, Kangana Ranaut and Karan Johar faced a similar situation. Both of them were under the same roof. While this has happened a lot of times between two celebrities who don’t get alone well, but what Karan and Kangana faced is rather rare.

Karan Johar arrived early and he was seated at one end of third row, while Kangana, who arrived 15 minutes later, was taken to the opposite end of the second row. However, at one point of time, Karan and Kangana ended up standing with each other as they walked to the first row to greet Nita Ambani. As weird as it may sound, but Kangana was right behind Karan Johar, waiting for him to get done. Afterwards, Kangana walked past Karan and rushed towards the exit, totally ignoring the film maker.

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One more thing, the lawyer of Aditya Pancholi is filling a Civil and Criminal Defamation case against Kangana. Kangana’s lawyer Rizvan replied to the legal notice by sending Aditya’s legal team, newspaper clippings of old articles, where Kangana had spoken about her personal experience with Aditya. Rizvan asked, “My client, who has been a victim of crime has largely spoken about her personal experiences, which were already reported on her various media platforms since the year 2007.” Aditya Pancholi is livid with the response, or the lack of it in this case. The actor is furious and he has decided to go hammer and tongs after Kangana. He has now instructed to his lawyers Zameer Khan and Shreya Srivastava to commence legal proceedings, against SIMRAN star.

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Ohhh..! SIMRAN star, Kangana is going in more and more trouble, around the Bollywood stars. God bless her.

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