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James Bond 25


James Bond is a most aggressive character for the Hollywood Lovers. In the history of whole world, only the name, “James Bond-007” is a name, for which character, 24 movies released, till now. In movie industry, no one movie can run on same name and same brand, more than 2-3 times, and in this culture, the character of James Bond is running from 1962 to till date. At the running time, Denial Craig is the seventh actor to act the role of James Bond. Sean Connery was the first actor for this marvelous role and in between; David Niven, George Lazenby, Rojer Moore, Timothy Dalton and Pierce Brosnan have played this fantastic role.” Dr.NO” was the first film of these series and BOND-25 is the 27th movie, to be released, probably up to 2019.

James Bond

When we are talking about James Bond, we must know the real facts of this character. Ian Fleming is a original writer of this character, James Bond. He wrote all these 12 Novels and two short stories in between 1953 and 1964. He designed a character of James Bond, as a “British Secret Service Agent”, in his all Novels.

Till date, 26 movies are already released in this title. Out of 26, only two movies are out of Eon Production. In all 24 movies by EON has broken many types of record. Even for box office and income part, it was No.1 in Hollywood. By EON production, it was estimated that, minimum of quarter population of the world have to seen at least one movie of James Bond.

Naomie Harris

In upcoming movie, BOND-25, again Denial Craig is a character. Eon Production has announced the name of their sixth and Character’s seventh ACTOR, in LONDON and he was Denial Craig. He has started this role from 2006 and his first film was Casino Royale. He has done total four films in this character and BOND-25 is his fifth film.

Daniel Craig

Denial Craig is not only a good BOND, but he is a best BOND in this character. He is a first Actor in this role, who played original role by the thought of IAN in his Novel. Steven Spielberg called him “A real perfect 21st Century BOND”. In 2015, when he has done forth film named, “Spectre”, his salary was 39 Million Dollar.

James Bond

Don’t Miss the Train…. JAMES BOND 007 ….. Is coming back soon.