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oscar winner jackie chan

Jacki chan: a man of Karate and Kung fu

“Do not let circumstances control you, you change your circumstances.” These are the words by Karate king of world, “Jackie Chan”. Oscar award winner and a super man of Hollywood, Jackie Chan asked that, “Never give up in life and go for your each dream”.

Unicef Awarded Jackie Chan

So, we are talking about, our Hollywood super star, Jackie Chan. His original name is CHAN KONG-SANG and was born on 7th April, 1954, in Hong Kong, China. He is not only actor, but he is a best, Martial artist, Actor, Director, Producer, Screen Writer, Stunt director, Action, Choreographer, and singer. After 56 years in film industry, making more than 200 movies, after much more bones fractures and full of stunts, at the age of 62, Jackie Chan won the best of International film Industry’s , OSCAR award in 2016.

jackie chan with owen wilson in sanghai noon 2000

In childhood, his father was working with American Embassy, as a Head-Cook in Australia. Jackie, who was with his parents in Australia, failed in 1st year of school and he was sent back to Hong Kong for study and residing in hostel. He was very good in drama and art and therefore, he was given chance to work in two films in age of only eight years, and films were, “The Love Eterne” and “Come Drink with Me”. He has concentrated himself in marital art and also in Karate, Judo & Taekwondo and taken also Black belt.

Jackie Chan with Arnold Schwarzenegger

At the age of 17, he was given chance to work in film of BRUSH LEE, and film was, “Enter the Dragon”. Individually, he has done his first film in 1973 and it was fully flop in box office. After that flop movie, he was struggling in industries and to survive himself, he worked in one Adult film, called,” All in The Family.” After some having good time, he has taken admission in Dickson College, for further education.

dragon jackie chan

The stars rises of Jackie Chan in 1978, by super hit movie called, “Snake in the Eagle’s Shadow”. He has put his best of the best creativity in that movie. After the success of this movie, he has started to work in Hollywood movies from 1981, but he was absolutely flop in Hollywood movies. He decided to come back to Hong Kong and to concentrate on Hong Kong Cinema. More one time, star rises and he was a super star for Hong Kong movie Industries. Movie, “The Young Master” has broken all the records of industry, even he bit the fame of BRUSH LEE also.

jackie chan in ice cave

New police stag, The Myth, Rob-B-Hood, The spy next down, The Karate Kid, are his super hit movies. Recently, he has done a movie, “Kung fu Yoga” with Hindi film actor, Sonu Sood and again, film was hit. He has broken a Guinness book of world record for “Most stunt by a living actor”. He has won IIFA Award from India, also and won number of awards in his life. He is a hard worker, waking up at 4 am and doing practice two hours and then he reaches at studio for working at 6 am. He is a real stunt master, as he has experienced number of fractures in his body in his whole filmy life. He is not only actor, but is a very good singer, also. There are more than 20 Albums of Jackie Chan, in industry.

jackie chan with amitabh bacchan

If, we see in his personal life, he married with Actress, JOANLIN in 1982 and having one son by her, named, Jaycee Chan. His son is also a good actor and singer. He has already announced his half income and wealth for charity towards children in 2011. He was also have one affair with Miss Asia in 1999 and having one daughter by her, but as per his words, it was a big mistake of his life.

jackie chan with family

At present, he is an “Anti Drug Goodwill Ambassador” of China and also a “Goodwill ambassador of UNICEF. He is also working against, animal abuse and disaster relief. He has opened number of schools for children in China, as he believes that, he can’t take a good education.

The Foreigner

The upcoming movies of Jackie Chan are, Railroad Tigers, The Foreigner and Bleeding Steel.  In this age also, he has a fully charm of action and presentation of his strengths. Really, he is a man of strength and push up. At the age of 63 also, he has that kind of freshness in his acting that is making eagerness to Cine lovers.

Railroad Tigers

Hats to the power of Hero…. Jackie Chan.

Bleeding Steel