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Helicopter Eela Movie 2018

‘Helicopter Eela’ Trailer: Ajay Devgan’s Surprise on Kajol’s Birthday

Helicopter Ella is the upcoming Hindi drama of 2018, whose script Mitesh Shah and Anand Gandhi have directed and directed the film Pradeep Sarkar.

Helicopter In the film, Kajol plays the main role, which is also a singular mother and a singer as well. This film is based on the Gujarati drama Beta Kagado.


  • Director: Ari Gold
  • Writer: Ari Gold
  • Stars: Kevin Abrams, Margie Stokley, David Creamer
  • Directed by: Pradeep Sarkar
  • Produced by: Ajay Devgn
  • Written by:  Mitesh Shah
  • Music by: Amit Trivedi
  • Release date: 12 October 2018
  • Country : India
  • Language: Hindi

Kajol starrer movie Helicopter Ella’s trailer made in Ajay Devgan’s production was released on Sunday, which is trending in the top 10 on YouTube.

HelicopterThe trailer of Actress Kajol’s upcoming movie ‘Helicopter Ella‘ was released on Sunday. In the film trailer, it was a mistake inadvertently that the producer of the film Ajay Devgan apologized by tweeting.

In fact, the trailer of the film did not mention the name of the legisist Swanand Kirkire. Ajay has apologized for the same thing.

‘Helicopter Eela’ Trailer: Ajay Devgan’s Surprise on Kajol’s Birthday

HelicopterAjay Devgan wrote in his tweet, “We accidentally missed the name of the legisist Swanand Kirkire in the helicopter eelah trailer. We apologize, we are fixing it.”

Helicopter The movie trailer has been uploaded on Ajay Devgn‘s verified YouTube channel, which has been seen more than a million times so far. It will be seen whether Ajay will remove this trailer or release the new trailer after this.