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Game Of Thrones Season 8 Premiere Date Confirmed For April 14 In First Official Teaser

After months and months of waiting, HBO has finally thrown us a bone and told us when we can expect the new and final Game of Thrones season.

But instead of just giving us the date, they’ve also been kind enough to give us a look at the upcoming instalment with the first official trailer.

That’s right folks, we will be able to feast our eyes on delicious Westeros action on April 14. The teaser-trailer doesn’t offer much in terms of spoilers for the season but it certainly gave us chills.

It shows Jon Snow, Arya and Sansa Stark in the crypts underneath Winterfell where their ancestors have been buried. But they happen upon three statues that look identical to them before the room has the life sucked out of it – which can only mean one thing: White Walkers are heading south.

Game of Thrones Season 8 Television Series Games of Thrones await the arrival of the audience. Now the wait is over. HBO released a serial teaser and informed about this serial will be released this year.

One of the most famous television shows in the world has come a teaser of Game of Thrones. The most watched program in the world is now at its last stop. The eighth and the last season of GoT will be in front of the world on April 14. In this 90-second trailer, three important characters of the series have been shown, who are roaming for a sword in their ancestral home. In the trailer only light-eyed white sheet is also shown, i.e. ice. What was waiting for the fiance with seven seasons. After all, he is coming out in the final season.

On official Twitter HBO and GOT have issued a one and a half minute teaser. Along with teaser, it has also been told that this Fantasy Drama will be on Air from April 14, 2019. Talking about the teaser, it gets information on the superficial level that the final season will end. But no big disclosure has been revealed from the teaser. It is so certain that after the teaser, the curiosity will be doubled between Season 8’s trailer between viewers.

GOT’s 7th season was released in 2017 but the new season was not released in 2018. The serial has reached its final stop but there are still many such aspects which are not easy for producers to achieve cimet in 6 episodes. Who will sit on the Iron Throne, who is Azor Ahai, who will win CleganeBowl and who will kill Cersei? Viewers are anxious for a long time to find answers to many more such questions.