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Fanney Khan 2018

Fanney Khan is a 2018 Bollywood musical-drama, which is directed by Atul Manjrekar. Prashant Sharma (Anil Kapoor) not make himself a Mohammed Rafi but he definitely dreams of making his daughter Lata Mangeshkar. Prashant Sharma (Anil Kapoor), who is dreaming to be a superstar, who is more known in the name of Funne Khan among his friends, works hard to complete his dream.

Fanney Khan

  • Director:  Atul Manjrekar
  • Producer:     Bhushan Kumar
  • Stars: Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Anil Kapoor, Rajkummar Rao
  • Written by: Hussain Dalal          
  • Music by : Amit Trivedi, Guest composer: Tanishk Bagchi
  • Edited by  :  Monisha R Baldawa
  • Release date :3 August 2018
  • Budget: ₹ 12-18 crore
  • Box office : ₹16.55 crores


He appears to worship Bollywood actor Shammi Kapoor and it just seems like he is only alive to fulfill his dream of superstardom. However, he can not fulfill his dream and his hopes are tied to his newborn baby. He even keeps his name as Lata (Pahu Sand). Lata is big and does not only sing good but dance also does well. However, because of the plus size, he is also a victim of constant body composition on stage.

Fanney Khan

Lata is big and does not only sing However, because of the plus size, he is also a victim of constant body composition on stage. Prashant does everything to make his daughter a star and even hears reproof from his own child for the sake of fulfilling this dream which is obsessed with it. He has tried to create a great ballon with a middle class person in Mumbai who makes a lot of effort in his dream and truth. Her Wife Poetry (Divya Dutta) also always has her with her in making this dream come true. As debue actor Pehu has lived his character with much sensitivity, but what is beyond understanding is that he is constantly complaining about his father. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan is seen as a gorgeous character in Hot Singer Baby Singh, but her story has not been much harder.

Fanney Khan

Talented actor Rajkumar Rao is a good friend of Prashant. His chemistry with Rajkumar Rao appears unnatural, which is hidden in a comedy scene.

Fanney Khan

The path of the story of the film begins to look a bit wandering in the second half. As there is no real backstory of Baby Singh, and in her life only she has a manager who wants only that she (Baby) wardrobe malfunction victim at the stage in a reality show. The second half of the film is quite long and difficult. The sound track of the musical film ‘Funna Khan’ has not become as spectacular as the ‘good day’. Altogether ‘Funna Khan’ is a musical drama film full of stars, in which stars spell the magic of their voice. This film shows how any parent wants to make their dreams come true through their children. The showstopper of this movie is clearly Anil Kapoor, who has introduced his best performance and for which you must watch ‘Funne Khan’ once.


  • Week 1: ₹ 202.51 cr
  • Week 2: ₹ 92.67 cr
  • Week 3: ₹ 31.62 cr
  • Week 4: ₹ 10.48 cr
  • Week 5: ₹ 3.94 cr
  • Total: ₹ : 341.22 cr