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baba ram rahim

Bollywood BABA … RAM RAHIM.. The Messenger of god

Baba Ram Rahim is on top news, everywhere, each Chanel, each news ….. Why…? Is he a spiritual power man…? Is he a religious leader …? When our eyes go onto the name of this person, we can know everything. His name is” Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh”. Have we ever seen this type of name in our life…? In his name, two words are Sheekh, one word is Hindu and one word is Muslim. Is it possible in real name of any person…? NO….NO…NO…. Not at all. We can say that, he is a BHAI of Dera Sacha Sauda, who is punished of 20 years Hard Jail and 30 lacs for raped girls. He is also awaiting the hearing of more two murders. Oh My God …. He is not a man of God, but is a danger criminal, who has wears the clothes of religion and mask of Spiritual activities, supported and protected by the leaders and communist people. Those all supporters are only asking him the, THE BIG CRIMINAL, today.

There is no connection between Religion activity and Film activity in original life. But here, Ram Rahim, The self made GOD has the fast connection between this. He is not only a BABA, but he is an ACTOR, SINGER, MUSICIAN, DIRECTOR and WRITER of Bollywood.Wow… He is a multi talented man…! Is it right news….? YES ….. 100% right. He is a Director and writer for films like, MSG (four films from 2015 to 2017 in various parts), Jattu Engineer …… He has also gives Lyrics and composition for these films. He is also having Albums with the label of ‘Universal’.

BABA was insight seen with Film star, John Abraham, Shilpa Shetty. He was nearby connected with famous star Sunny Lionee and Rakhi Savant also. Famous film stars, Anil Kapoor, Sohil Khan, and Ritvik Roshan have also taken blessings from BABA. Even many of our film directors want that, some parts of their films shoot at Punchkula. Even on the day of Decision of court at Panchkula, Film star Alia Bhatt was there with her Director for one film shooting and she is sucked there because of this dispute.

Not only the Bollywood, but Ram Rahim was nearby with many of our politicians and Industrialists also. He has also done some’ World records’ in his life.

Now today he is a Balatkari Baba on behalf of Bollywood Baba of RamRahim. In past it was also not, but today, he is not RAM-nor Rahim. Our nation, always suffers from this types of e-legal activities because of bad politics.