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Antheman and the Wasp

Antheman and the Wasp

Antheman and the Wasp

Hollywood movie Antheman and the Wasp is a sequel to the movie Anthem in 2015. At the beginning of the film, Scott Lang alias Anteman (Paul Rudd) has been detained for two years by the FBI. Despite this, it plays dual responsibility while trying to entertain her daughter in every way.

Antheman and the WaspHe is barred that he can not contact Doctor Hank Pem (Michael Douglas) and his daughter Hope aka Wasp (Evgeneline Lily). One day, suddenly, some messages are received from Scott’s mother, who is locked in Quattom Field. In such a situation, she does not care about restrictions on her and makes a message to Hank.

Antheman and the WaspActually, in order to defeat a missile, his wife was forced to leave the Quantum field and her daughter Wasp made a tunnel there to bring her back. They both kidnap Scott,

But in her mission, a girl interrupts, which is the daughter of an old associate of Hank and is now a victim of a strange disease. Wass wants to bring his mother back at any cost. Hank and Scott help him there. To know whether they are successful in their mission, you have to go to the cinema.

Antheman and the WaspAll the main cast members of the film have done a great acting. Paul Rood has done a wonderful role from a superhero to the father who took care of his daughter at home. Seeing the problems of Paul and daughter in the opening sequence, the recent Hollywood movie “Incredibles 2” is remembered.

Antheman and the WaspApart from this, Paul has done well comedy scenes apart from the action. Talk to Evelyn Lily, she was so impressed in the roll of Wasp. They did a great action sequence. While Michael Douglas did not even have to do something special in First Half, he has shown his temper in the film’s climax.

Antheman and the WaspNowadays, dubbing of Hollywood movies in Hindi has started to be so great that you are completely entertained. Entman and the Wasp is not too lagging behind in this case. The film’s finest Hindi dubbing also makes you feel good. Apart from this, you also find fun in thrilling 3D action and small cars.

At the same time, dangerous ants involved in the army of Antony are also interesting on the screen. If you want to watch something funny this weekend, then do not miss this movie.