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Andhadhun Trailer 2018

Andhadhun Trailer with  Ayushma Khurana, and Radhika Apte

Andhadhun is the upcoming thriller of 2018, directed by Shriram Raghavan. In the film, Ayushmann Khurana, Tabu, Radhika Apte play the main characters and Ayushmann Khurana plays the role of a piano player.

Directed by:  Sriram Raghavan
Written by:  Sriram Raghavan
Stars: Tabu, Ayushmann Khurrana, Radhika Apte
Music by : Amit Trivedi
Release date: 5 October 2018
Country : India
Language : Hindi

Anhadhun movie is directed by Mumbai Filmmaker Sriram Raghavan is called the master of mystery and thriller films. This time he has brought a short film as a whole movie on the big stage as an indigenous, whose trailer has been released.

This story is of a blind piano player, played by Ayushman Khurana. Radhika Apte is in the role of her Lady Love. Piano are played by Ayushman, Tabu’s house and during this time a murder is done. Ayushmann has also traveled to Madrid, America, Gangtok for the film Anadhadhun. Learned to play piano and the way of visually impaired. Since the movie is the thriller. That’s why the director wants to keep secrets about this film. The news is that the marketing strategy of the film is also going to be ready in such a way that no secrets can go out.Are they witnesses of this murder? Have they seen the murder? There is a similar mystery in the trailer.

The big deal with this film is that Anil Dhawan will be seen in the film. In the film, she is the husband of Tabu, this is the return to the big screen after five years of this famous actor who has worked in several films including Chetana and Piya’s house. He then acted in the film Himmatwala.


In this movie various stars paly important role such as Aishwarya Khurana, Radhika Apte and Tabu Starrer Film, Anhadhun, we can say that this  is a very interesting story. Please tell that the tentative titles of this movie had been previously shot to the piano player but were later changed.Shriram Radhavan had earlier made a film like Hasina, Johnny Gaddar and Badlapur.

This secret of blind and tune will be revealed on October 5 when the film will be in cinemas. Now you can see the trailer  poster here.