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Busy Week of Bollywood

3 Release in a row, Patel will hits to Simran with Lucknow Central

On last Friday, released three movies with different pattern and its but natural when people have the choice of more than one, results will effect to box office collection to each movie. Today is Sunday and on this glorious day, super comedy with two different community define movie, Patel Ki Punjabi Shadi is on top, as of today’s collection. Even Simran is also going on good track but Lucknow Central is having some trouble on box office.

patel ki shaddi

As per box office collection review, Patel Ki Punjabi Shadi has done worldwide collection of Rs.2.52 Crore on first day, 3.29 Crore on second day and today, up to this moment it seems to cross 5.67 Crores and reach to the mark of total budget on 3rd day only. Budget of this movie is only 10 Crore and plus advertisement expense of 2 crores. It is likely to reach on that figure, on today night only. Today, after the review from all state, we can see that, this movie is fast going in Delhi, Punjab and State of Gujarat & Maharashtra. It may be on profit part from tomorrow onwards, which is best for the movie. People are crazy for this movie because of cool comedy and best star cast only and secondly, it is concern with two big states directly with its tradition and mentality. We can say that, both super stars of Bollywood; Paresh Rawal & Rishi Kapoor has tried done their best in this movie.

Kangana Ranaut in Simran Movie 2017

SIMRAN is going also smoothly on box office. On first it starts from 2.77 crores and second day with 3.76 crores. Today is Sunday and it’s a main day for box office but today it is going slowly at every place. I think, on Sunday entertainment, people are moving towards cool comedy movie. This movie is also concern with Gujarat and its mentality of social tradition. In this movie, we can say that Kangana Ranaut has defiantly managed to shine like a star. Our Bollywood industry is fully based on male domination, but here, Kangana has proved herself and also tried to convert male dominated mentality by her super power acting. As it is slow today on boxes office, it will cross its budget of 30 crores by week end or not, that is a big fear. Assumption of today’s collection is between 4 to 5 crores only. So the movie can cross around 20 Crores by this week end and it is so far from its budget.

lucknow central

Farhan Akhtar is a talented actor and he has done his best in the movie, Lucknow Central. But the story is so cool in terms of humor mentality. On box office, it is on last number other than two movies. On first day collection of this movie was 2.04 crores and on second day it was 2.82 crores worldwide. This movie has surly clashed with Simran on box office. Even on Sunday it’s not seems like a huge collection. Movie can be hit only in that condition, where collection can be done of 40 crores because the budget of this movie is also big like, total of 32 crores. It’s like a difficult task for this movie, as of now. Farhan has made his image like a super power presenter, but what will be result of this movie, we can’t say.

One thing is natural. The mass for each movie is different always, on box office. O.K. Let we see the results on 21st night. All the best to Farhan, Kangana and our two senior actors, Paresh Rawal and Rishi Kapoor, for next four days.